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Algorithmic Trading Platform designed for financial institutions.

Why build software with Empirica?

Projects in finance are not about technology, they are about the results. You can find dozens of software companies that focus on tools, frameworks, code and tests. They make projects for whatever customer, whatever industry happnes, indirectly saying they put technology over customer’s business. We are different. We focus exclusively on financial technology projects. We build software that helps financial companies run their business. We can do that, because we understand it.

Since we started in 2009, we helped many customers in software development of their systems. Additionally during this time, we have build our own Algorithmic Trading Platform which is a cutting-edge server-side software that helps traders and quants develop, test and execute their algorithms on the markets. At the same time this platform is the best proof of our software development skills, industry expertise and our most sophisticated reference.

We work with:

Hedge Funds

We help funds develop tools for algorithmic trading, historical data analysis, portfolio and risk management, integration with external data sources and automation of trading operations.

Investment Banks

Our services include architecture, design and implementation as well as integration with external systems and financial markets connectivity.

Fintech Startups

We can build together innovative solutions that will impress your customers.

Our software development services

We can augment a team working under your direction build of experienced:

  • software developers (both server and client side), designers, architects
  • testers & test automators
  • quants – developers with quantitative background

When working with us you can be sure of getting:

  • outstanding technical talent with considerable experience of most demanding fintech projects
  • one of the best price/quality ratio on the whole market, becaues of our development center located in Wroclaw
  • considerable added value when designing & implementing your applications thanks to our experience from building trading applications

Our Algorithmic Trading Platform

  • Strategy development

    User friendly, flexible, extensive toolset aiding user in building and testing of algorithmic strategies.

  • Markets connectivity

    Connecting to any exchange or broker system.

  • Real-time Processing

    Processing of large volumes of data from multiple market sources.

  • Performance

    Simultaneous processing of thousands of orders generated by concurrent strategies.

  • Extensibility

    Capacity to implement various analytic functions, statistical models or risk-control procedures to aid trading.

Algorithmic Trading Platform is:

  • Empirica’s flagship software solution, supporting financial institutions in all aspects of trading automation,
  • complete environment, dedicated to create, test and execute algorithmic strategies,
  • easy to learn tools, supported by examples, tutorials and rich documentation.
  • server-side execution with scalable architecture